Can You Put a Glass Lid in The Oven? [Safety Tips]

Can You Put a Glass Lid in The Oven?

“Can you put a glass lid in the Oven?’’ Well, the straightcut answer is ‘Yes, you can.’ But hey, wait a minute! It has to be for a certain amount of temperature and it also depends on the type of glass you use.

Ovens are one of the most necessary things we need in our day to day lives. But when we use them so much, there are often some things of which we are not sure about. And it has become a common query for many of us that if we can use glass lids in them. 

Fortunately, we are going to share some tips & information to give you some clear ideas about this topic. So, sit back & relax, have a read at this article, we assure you it will help you from many perspectives.

Can You Put a Glass Lid In The Oven?

The glass lids remain fine when we use them in our ovens. They usually remain good for a temperature up to 400°F or 204°C.  So, we would suggest you to keep the temperature below it to be safe. Also we don’t need more than this amount of temperature to heat up our food most of the time.

If you are using tempered glass in the oven, it is most likely that they will not break. So, try to use an oven-proof labelled tempered glass lid in the oven if you can.

Furthermore, these will help you to check your recipe without disturbing the temperature. Though you should not place pot lids upon direct heat or use under the broiler. But, they will serve you right if you use them in the oven or a stove top.

Apart from these, there’s one more thing that should be your concern. Have you ever wondered, why do glass lids mostly break? Well, maximum times, the glass breaks when there is a change in the temperature drastically.

Thermal shock is the one of the main reasons our glass lids get broken. Glasses are not designed to handle rapid temperature changes.

Safety Tips For Using Glass Lid In The Oven:

1. Try not to use non-tempered glass lids. Also never use drinking glasses in the oven.

2. You can use any oven-safe labeled glass keeping the temperature in mind.

3. Never put any glass lids or even any glass containers directly from the fridge to the oven. Many of us do this thing, but it causes major thermal shock to the glass as we mentioned earlier.

4. The same thing goes while taking out your glass lid out of your oven. Don’t put it directly to the freezer or fridge. Instead, try to cool it down a bit and adjust with the room temperature.

5. While putting the glass lid inside, try to use a pre-heated oven or microwave.

Therefore, we suggest you to keep these tips & information in mind. We believe you are good to go & put glass lids in the oven.

Related Questions

1. Can I use frying pan lids in the oven?

Answer: You can, but make sure it does not have any plastic knobs in it. These knobs are not that much resistant to the heat. That is why, they easily start melting. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

2. What kind of lid do restaurants use?

Answer: Most restaurant use baking sheet or cookie in their kitchens. So, if you cannot find any lid, use these things.

3. Can I use foil as an alternative?

Answer: Yes, but try to use a double sheet of foil. It is going to trap moisture & heat really effectively.

4. Why should we use glass container & glass lids for heating foods?

Answer: There are many benefits of using them. They are non-toxic & very easy to clean, they keep our food warm for a longer period of time and also we can reheat our food in the same glass container. This is why most of us always use glass container & glass lids.

5. Can I use Pyrex glass lid in my oven?

Answer: You can use it both in an oven & a fridge. But make sure to use a preheated oven, freezer or refrigerator.

6. Can we bake with glass in the oven?

Answer:  We can bake with an oven-safe glass or any kind of tempered glass in the oven. As these glass are heat resistant, we can easily use them for baking.


Thank you for staying with us. We hope, the information & tips will help you out. If you have any queries, suggestions or any other information which you would like to share with us, shoot us a mail. We will try to reach you as soon as we can. Till then, take care & stay safe.

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