Can You Put Candy Thermometer In the Oven? [Find Now]

Can You Put Candy Thermometer In the Oven

Candy thermometer or Sugar thermometer are really common to us these days. When we want to check the sugar’s temperature level, it is the right tool.

But still, we have many queries about a candy thermometer & a common one is if we can put it in the oven.

No Need to Worry! In this article we will cover everything you need to know about a candy thermometer. Whether you can put it in the oven, what you can do with it or what’s the difference between it & meat thermometer, everything!

So, read it top to bottom, we assure you it will help you.

Can You Put a Candy Thermometer in the Oven?

Well, the answer you are looking for is NO, you can’t put a candy thermometer in the oven. If you do not want to break your candy thermometer, then we think it is not a good idea to put a candy thermometer in the oven.

The candy thermometer is used mainly to identify the temperature of boiling sugar in our food. It is also called a sugar thermometer or jam thermometer as well. It has become really important to us as it helps us to get the correct timing & consistency.

But should we use them in the oven? No, we should not. There are different types of candy thermometers in the market. But most of them has a temperature range starting from 37.7°C (100°F) to 204°C (400°F). So, whenever our ovens are going to use more heat than the mentioned temperature it’s going to create problems.

As we’ve mentioned before, the highest temperature on average for a candy thermometer is 400°F. But often, when we use our ovens we have to use more than that temperature. We have to use 425°F to 450°F in our ovens quite frequently. So the candy thermometer won’t be able to give us the accurate data.

Not only that! A candy thermometer uses its lower part to measure the temperature. But, it is usually made of glass. So when there is a thermal shock or a rapid change in the heat, it is most likely that the glass will break. Therefore, you should not use a candy thermometer in your oven.

What Thermometer Can We Use in an Oven?

Now that we cannot use a candy thermometer in the oven, what thermometers are easily usable in the oven?

Well, you can use meat thermometers in oven. Although, they don’t do the work of a candy thermometer but, they have their own purposes. If you are a meat lover, then this tool is a must for your kitchen. Most of them can stay in the oven & help you cook turkey, roast beef, steak perfectly.

Other than this, you can use any oven-safe thermometer as well. Doesn’t matter if they are digital or dial, you can use them properly in your oven.

What are the Uses of Candy Thermometer?

A candy thermometer might be a small thing, but it is useful to us in a lot of ways. Here are some of the benefits of using a candy thermometer:

1. Obviously we can identify the boiling sugar temperature.

2.  It helps us in making toffee, fudge, & many other soft & hard candies.

3. It can also be helpful while making different homemade sauces.

4. Not just sugar, it also helps us to identify the temperature of boiling oil. Thus, helps us in cooking different fried items such as fried chicken, fried okra etc.

What are the differences between a candy thermometer & meat thermometer?

Both of them might be helpful to us, but they are not the same. They have their own purposes. In fact, they are quite different from each-other, here’s why:

Candy Thermometer Meat Thermometer
The temperature range of a candy thermometer is from 100° F to 400 F. On the other hand, a meat thermometer’s temperature range goes mostly up to just 200 F. So, they have a lower temperature range compare to the first one.
It is really long.  It is comparatively shorter.
It is long, skinny & narrow shaped. It is  short plus it has a pointed stick which is connected to a dial. 
It cannot be used in an oven. We can use a meat thermometer in the oven.
It is mostly used to identify the temperature level of boiling sugar & boiling oil. It is mostly used to identify the temperature of different meat items.
It helps us in making different soft & hard candies, fried okra, fried chicken etc. It helps us in making grilled chicken, turkey, roasted beef & fish etc.

Final thoughts:

Hope you have got all of your answers clearly. Again, our final suggestion would be it’s not going to be a wise decision to put your candy thermometer in the oven. Rather, you should put any oven thermometer in it.

Thanks for staying with us. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a mail. Take care & stay safe.

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