How to Clean Burnt Sugar from Oven? (2 Methods)

How to Clean Burnt Sugar from Oven?

We use our ovens regularly and its get a bit dirty. But what if it has burnt sugar in it & you don’t know how to clean it? That might be a problem.

No matter how careful we are, there’s always some burnt sugar sticking around our oven. And burnt sugar in the oven can cause problems for us while baking or simply heating up the food. That is why it is really important for us to know about how to clean burnt sugar from oven.

HERE’s THE REAL DEAL! Today we are going to show you two step by step methods on how you can clean the burnt sugar from your oven very easily. We are going to discuss in details, share some key points about them and also we will answer some related questions for you too so that you can get clear an idea. Let’s go!

How to Clean Burnt Sugar from Oven?

Method-1: The Vinegar & Baking Soda Method

This is the easiest & simplest way to clean the burnt sugar from your oven. Although this process takes time to complete but it is very easy to do so. Here are the necessary things you’ll need to use this method:

i. 1/3rd cup of water
ii.1 Cup of baking soda
iii. A sponge or a cloth
iv. Some white Vinegar
v. An empty spray bottle
vi. A spatula
vii. A warm damp cloth
viii. A dry cloth
ix. Some rubber gloves

Here is the step by step detailed process of using the vinegar & baking soda method:

  1. In the first step, you are going to have to make a baking soda paste using water & baking soda.
  2. Take a bowl, mix up 1/3rd cup of water & 1 cup of baking soda. Add them together & mix up.
  3. Make sure it is not too thin neither too thick. You’ll get a gluey substance when you mix them up.
  4. Put on your rubber gloves so that your hands don’t get dirty.
  5. Use the sponge to spread the mixture in the burnt area, but our suggestion would be you do this for the entire surface of the oven.
  6. Keep it like that for overnight.
  7. In the meantime, clean the racks with a cleaner.
  8. Fill up the empty spray bottle with white vinegar.
  9. Spray it into the entire surface of the oven especially in the burnt sugar.
  10. In the next step, you need to wipe away all the baking soda mixture & vinegar. In our case, we used some warm water in a cloth to wipe it away.
  11. Still there is burnt sugar left in the oven? Don’t worry. Use the spatula to scrape them away or pick them up. They should easily come off this time.
  12. This might take some time. But keep going until it comes off.
  13. Once they come off & other dirty things go away, you need to wipe down the entire oven with a warm damp cloth.
  14. Wipe the entire oven one more time but use a dry cloth this time.
  15. And you’re done. Your oven has a clean look now.

Points to be Noted:

1. We kept it for 12 hours. But you can also keep it for couple of hours. It actually depends on how dirty your oven really is.

2. We used a sponge, but you can use a cloth instead of it if you want to.

3. Mix the water & baking soda properly.

4. The process might take some time but keep on doing it until it is done.

Method-2: The Ammonia Method

Another method you can use to clean burnt sugar from your oven is the ammonia method. Now, Ammonia can be dangerous in many ways, so make sure to read the guidelines & use it properly. This method has worked for a lot of people & we hope it will work for you as well. Necessary things that you will need:

i. Rubber Gloves
ii. Ammonia
iii. A warm & soft cloth
iv. A spatula or ice scrapper
v. Scouring Pad
vi. All purpose cleaner

Here is the step by step detailed process of using the Ammonia Method:

1. Put the rubber gloves on. As we mentioned earlier ammonia can be dangerous in many ways, so ensure your safety first before you use this method. 

2. Take a bowl (glass) & make it half-filled with ammonia.

3. Put it inside the oven.

4. Keep it like that for 12 hours.

5.  The fumes of Ammonia happens to be extremely strong. They will start releasing the burnt sugar.

6. After 12 hours, bring the bowl out of the oven.

7. In this stage, use a spatula or ice scrapper to remove major part of the burnt sugar. You might have to use a bit of your strength, but trust us it is worth it in the end.

8. Use a cloth or towel & the scouring pad to remove the mess. Don’t push it too hard because it might damage the oven.

9.  When you are done removing the mess, spray on the oven using an all purpose cleaner any other oven cleaner.

10.  When you are done, wipe out the entire oven with any warm cloth. Make sure to get every part of it.

11. Your oven is all cleaned.

Points to be noted:

1.We have mentioned it multiple times that using the ammonia can be dangerous, so read the guidelines, instructions etc pretty well.

2. We filled our glass bowl half, you can pour some more ammonia if your oven is really dirty.

3.  We used all purpose cleaner in our case.

There you go, it is all done. How to clean burnt sugar from oven? Use any of these two methods.

Related Questions

1. How often should we clean our ovens?
Answer. Well, it is said that you should clean your ovens 3 or 4 times per year. But our suggestion would be if you think your oven is dirty, clean it instantly. A dirty oven can be bad for our food & health.

2. When can I use my oven after cleaning it?
Answer: You can use your oven instantly, but make sure you preheat the oven before using it.

3. Can I use the vinegar & baking soda method to remove burnt food from pans & pots?
Answer: Yes, of course. We get burnt food on them than our ovens. So to clean them, use this method & it will work greatly.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you know how to clean burnt sugar from oven. We hope both of the methods will help you out. The second method is comparatively new but the first one is way simpler. Use the one which is personally better for you.

If you have any information you want to share with us, shoot a mail at us. We will get back to you. Thanks for staying with us, take care.

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