Why is Smoke Coming out of Oven While Preheating?

Imagine you want to cook some delicious foods like roasted beef or broiled chicken in your oven. While you are preheating it, smoke came out of it. Not a pleasant sight is it?

Well, whether our oven is gas or electric, we can have multiple problems in it. The oven might not be working, we may find problems in its functions, we might not know how to cook any specific foods in it. But one of the most common questions we are getting these days is “why is smoke coming out of oven while preheating?”

Buckle up! Because we will clear all of your queries. We assure you if you go through this article from top to bottom, you will get to know about a lot of things about the smoke in your oven. These will surely be helpful & beneficial for you.

Why is Smoke Coming Out of Oven While Preheating


There are multiple reasons why your oven might smoke while preheating. No matter what reason it is, it has a bad smell & also it is harmful for our food. So, why does it actually smoke?

1. Leftover Food


It is the most common reason why our oven smokes. Sometimes we have food bits or debris of foods left in the oven. Especially in the racks, bottom of the stove or in the heating elements.

When we preheat our ovens, they heat up & start burning. As a result, the smoke comes out. This is a very common reason which most of us faces time to time. So, we should be careful about it & clean our ovens properly.

2. Your Oven is New

Is your oven new & smoke is coming out when you preheat it? Well, don’t worry to much. It is pretty much normal when your brand new oven smokes for the first few times when you preheat it.

It is because there are coatings inside it. So when you use your new oven, the heat burns up these coatings. After you have burned these coatings off, the smoke should eventually stop.

3. Oven Cleaner Residue is Left inside the Oven

This is another common reason that smokes come out of our ovens. We all need to clean our ovens. But if you have residues left from the cleaner inside your oven, when you heat it up they burn & smoke comes out.

That is why you need to clean your oven properly. You should wipe it cleanly & wait for some time.  When you think the oven is cooled down, use a damp cloth to wipe it out again.

4. Problem in the Heating Element

The problem might be in your oven’s heating element as well. This problem happens mostly in electric ovens but it also occurs in gas ovens too.

If you are using an electric oven, the bottom & top heating element might wear out. You should check the bottom & top element while baking & broiling consecutively. If they turn red, then the element might have some problems.   

On the other hand, if you are using a gas oven, there might be problem in the heating element as well. Too much gas pressure in it might cause smoke too.

5. Position of the Food

Well, it might not happen while preheating but sometimes it depends on what you cook in your oven. If you cook food that contains way too much fat, they might burn & create smoke.

Again, if you preheat your broiler at very high temperature, they might scorch the food & burn it. The same goes for your burner. The left out grease in the burner can cause smoke too.

What to do if smokes come out of your oven

If smoke comes out of your oven very often, you should take this really seriously. First of all, you should keep your oven clean. Don’t let any kind of food bits of grease stay inside your oven. In fact, grease can cause fire too so be extra careful about it.

Secondly, when you clean your oven, clean it well. We suggest you to use the self-cleaning function. If you want to clean it manually then go for the vinegar & baking soda method. And always remember to wipe it out multiple times & clean every bit of it.

Furthermore, when it comes to broiling, we need high temperature. So our suggestion would be to keep some distance between the food & the broiling element. And before preheating, know the temperature you need for that specific food.

Last but not the least, if there is smoke in your oven continuously, call a repairman. It might not seem to be a big problem, but again it can turn into a fire & be your worst nightmare. So no matter what reason the smoke is coming of your oven, you should fix it as soon as possible.


Thanks for your time. We hope you know the reason why there is smoke in your oven & you will be able to take care of it. Other than this, if you have any queries don’t forget to give us a mail. Till then, take care & stay safe. 

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